Thursday, December 22, 2011


Ah yes....tis the season. The season of giving, spending too much, being crabby in traffic, eye-rolling at shoppers, and WRAPPING...oh wrapping. I like to wrap. One present. Now put those two sentences together....I like to wrap one present. HA! Seriously. Lots of rad ribbon, awesome bows, and perhaps a spring of pine. However, then I'm tapped. Of course, we're not that family that buys one present for each other, I literally just wrapped like 20 presents for my mother....(1. by "I"...I mean Schmols. Thank you. And 2. Perhaps I didn't HAVE to wrap them all individually. Oh...and 3. Thanks also to the fact that my mom doesn't read my blog.) Anyway, wrapping isn't my thing, I mean maybe it would be if I did nothing for a living, because I think that's when I'll start cooking too. Dear working DO YOU DO IT! Anyway, since Christmas Cards are starting to go out, I thought I'd take the time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas....the time of year when we should be impacted by the BIRTH of Jesus. He came so that we might have life....more abundantly. From a cliche' standpoint....He is the reason for the season....cliche'? Yes. True....YES! May you know Him, may you have His peace this holiday season. As an added bonus to the blog....know that I like the "idea" of santa...but we never believed in him. He didn't bring us parents and loved ones spent good money on presents for us...they got the credit! Not some man in a suit. We still left him cookies....but our parents were sure to have us believe that Jesus was the true reason...and he is. So, the bonus, includes a picture of me, and Santa....when I was about 3....not a big fan...of the big man! lol MERRY CHRISTMAS FRIENDS!!!

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