Thursday, March 31, 2011

True Story...

Turns out...I over use the phrase..."True Story"....also turns out...I don't care....I like it.'s a TRUE STORY for mom is the best. She's Momma Bear to me....sometimes "Gayle"...."Gayley" to others, "Whence" to Fitzy, "Jefita" to Schmols....and when all is said and done...she's my mom, she's Curt's mom (and I, am still the favorite!) Today, was/is her birthday, and I'm away working, and my brother and his wife don't live in the same state, AND? My rad cupcake flowers that I ordered for her? Couldn't be delivered for whatever reason! BOO! And I ordered very much on time, so I'm a little mad! All that to say...she wasn't showered with birthday today, nor was she last year, I am SO SORRY ABOUT THAT!!! I hope that we make up for it by sending you to Cali to see "Dancing with the Stars!"

Since it's about my mum, I have to say that she's awesome for loads of reasons, and she spoils me rotten. Like COUNTLESS way too early or way too late rides to the airport...though, crabby as I sometimes am, so early, I always love the time spent. She's crazy patient with me, and she takes too good of care of me....what would I do without her? I don't rightly know. Sure, I'd manage, but it wouldn't be pretty. She's patient, she's kind, she's damn funny....and if you know her, you know she doesn't curse, would hate that I did, but somehow, the "d-word" when done right, evokes a smile. She's a hoot....seriously...if you've read any of my other posts of stories....and she keeps me updated on current events, and they are ALWAYS relevant! Like the other night, when the moon was so bright in DC? I just thought full moon. There were TONS of people with tri-pods out at the WWII memorial...way more than that point? I got a random text from my mom that said "The moon is the closest to earth than it has been in 18 years". BRILLIANT! Any important deaths, she lets me know. Bronx Cobra found!? TEXT! (Mind you, she didn't let me know it was missing because she knows I NEVER GO THERE! Turns out...that week....we did! LOL)

Anyway, my mom is awesome, and she is amazing, and she is FILLED with love, and she loves Jesus, and I know she prays for me, and I could only hope and pray to be such a woman as she, let alone a mom that she's been! Happy Birthday Mom!! I love you Momma Bear! MORE!


LisaAbels said...

I love it!! Happy Birthday Mrs F!!!

LisaAbels said...

yea yea two weeks behind..oh well!