Monday, June 30, 2008


So……we pick up our passengers in the morning….deliver them to the hotel…then we have the afternoon free. WE, being Bentley and I…on our training trip of Ireland and Scotland. So, our afternoon off…we have 5 lofty goals….1. Book of Kells (google it…I’m way too tired to expand)-super cool…would have been super coolER sans the Italian women pushing and glaring, push and glare back or push and no eye contact back seems to work just fine, anyway, very cool. 2. Bog bodies! Bodies found in Bogs! On display at a museum….more history goodies…so google away. 3. National Gallery of Ireland-and having an Impressionism exhibit! 4. EAT 5. Get a converter of some sort for Carrie, since she’s retarded and brought her EUROPE stuff…not her UK stuff…really it’s just MAC and BBerry, so a phone store. Okay…so we head to town….on our blustery cold Dublin rainy day….and turn the corner to hit up the phone store. He has one perfect for my phone AND travel…with all sorts of converters to it! It’s 30 Euro….45 bucks….a little steep…so I ask where I can just get a converter…not necessarily a blackberry one. He tells us a place called “Boots”-of course…it’s where you’d think to buy converters..duh…BOOTS! Anyway, we walk out of the phone store….and pass this couple…and this guy? Looks JUST LIKE JOHN LOCKE! So I turn around, in time to see him sideways…and I am SURE that it is John Locke! I grab Bentley’s arm…and turn around and say..THAT was John Locke! She confirms…and now…the crossroads….do we head off to stalk? Or just brag we saw him? I say stalk…so we head back to the phone place…where we just were…and where HE WAS! So…we go to re-ask where “Boots” is…and another girl helps us too quickly…so I didn’t get a chance to really work my magic….so…we head out to “Boots”…find it…and they didn’t have my converter. At this point? I say screw it…I’ll buy the expensive one….and I did actually figure that he’d be gone by now. We get back to the phone place? HE IS STILL THERE! So I go up….and the guy, who was helping me? Is now helping John Locke at the counter right next to me. He looks up, and says…you didn’t find it? PHEW! Gave me credibility in case JL saw me stalking! I say no, they had the wrong kind….so I’m paying…and so is JL…he’s buying a phone, and they don’t take AMEX…he offers Wegmans..ha ha ha…and the girl that is ringing me up? Hands me his receipt to sign….to which I hand back to her and say no, I’m paying cash, this isn’t mine….she is flustered, says oh sorry…hands it to him…he looks at me and says well you can sign it if you want! I say I would, but honestly? I don’t know your real name! My real name.? I say yeah…I can sign it as John Locke if you want…he smiles…I smile…and apologize again. Then I say, can we take a picture? He says sure. So we finish paying…well, I finish paying…he still is…and with his significant other…who was nice, but not really into us, she has to hate this….so instead of hovering, I go up to him and say listen we’ll wait for the picture, but I don’t want to be stalking, so whenever, so he comes over, I introduce myself…and Amanda…and he says his name is Terry…we shake hands. So…picture with me…then I say, and one with Amanda? And all ready to do a party pic, when the sig other needs money, so he forks over a credit card, and he’s like nah…Lori can take it, and Lori goes yeah…I’m used to it…but annoyed really! Ah…so be it. Anyway, so we take it, thank him, then I asked him if it was as bad over here as in the states, and he said no where as much as Dublin! People in Stockholm didn’t look him in the eye….and Norway and Denmark were normal, but Dublin, everybody talked to him. So we apologized of course…and let him be…to hear Lori say honey they want to take a picture with you too..the phone people. We said our thank you’s and left. It was COOL! We just met John Locke! Incidentally, his real name is Terry O’Quinn…and he’s been in a ton of things….but most recently “LOST” of course…but then if you remember the “Cutting Edge”? He was her father? So….celebrity sitings for 08…you might want to look for him on this year’s Christmas card….to which I was telling Amanda…what happens when I don’t have an annual celeb? She’s like just go up to NY and do a show or something…I mean you did meet Al Roker last week…DUH! I TOTALLY FORGOT! So here….here is Al Roker….we just shook hands…I’m not sure that qualifies to make the Christmas card or not! And? Apparently his head IS that shiny RB! Anyway, that’s what I got! I’m typing this on the bus…on our way to Glenveagh National Park..still on my training tour of Irealnd and Scotland. Hope all is well out there! Hugs and celebrity stalkings!


Lisa said...

You should have asked if you could sign it "John Locke" or "Jeremy Bentham" and got some next season info out of him!!

You're so funny & awesome!!

The Scherms said...

Why is he surprised people in DUblin want to talk to him with a name like Terry O'Quinn?

You have the greatest adventures! I'm so jealous!!